DCNR Calendar of Events

Event Calendar for Shawnee State Park

August 11 - September 10, 2022

Friday, August 12

Perseid Meteor Shower and the August Night Skies

Prepare to enjoy the meteor shower and August night skies by making your own star chart.

Saturday, August 13

Rock and Mineral Treasures

Kids with Their Family Program: Kids will receive some mineral treasures along with a starter collection of common rocks and minerals.

Story of the Stone Age Artifacts of the Shawnee Valley

A look at the types of artifacts found around ancient campsites.

Sunday, August 14

Ancient Astronomy and Celestial Motions

From ancient astronomers to the discoveries and laws that guide our universe.

Friday, August 19

Reptiles and Amphibians

The program explores the life and times of these cold blooded creatures. Numerous life-like models and some live specimens.

Sunday, August 21

Sunday Afternoon Paddle

Learn about the park and the wildlife we see while learning to kayak. All equipment is provided. Please, wear clothing and shoes appropriate for kayaking....

Native American Cultures along the Juniata River

A look at the native cultures and events in Pennsylvania from Paleo Indian times up to 1800.

Friday, August 26

A Journey Back in Time to Prehistoric Ages

The cataclysmic events and numerous creatures through geologic time.

Saturday, August 27

Historic Ways Used to Navigate and Find Directions

Using the sun, moon and stars, astrolabes, chronometers, dead reckoning, compass and even much more!

Sunday, August 28

The Battles to Seize Fort Duquesne

The battles of the French and Indian War in soutwestern Pennsylvania.

Monday, August 29

Tracks and Bones in the Stones

Information on dinosaurs of Pennsylvania and other prehistoric creatures, plus a fossil identification activity.

Saturday, September 10

Full Moon paddle

Enjoy the full moon with a relaxing paddle on Shawnee Lake. We will be learning about some of the evening animals that share the night with us. Don’t miss...