DCNR Calendar of Events

Event Calendar for Poe Valley State Park

July 4 - August 3, 2022

Friday, July 8

Nature's Fireworks: Fireflies!

The fireworks might be over for the time being, but there’s something else lighting up the sky at night: fireflies! Come learn about our bright bugs, what...

Sunday, July 10

Art in the Park: Monarch Edition!

Feeling artsy? Or maybe you just want to know a little more about monarchs as we start to see them this year? Join in as we learn how to draw a monarch and...

Friday, July 15

Meet the Mammals of Poe Valley!

Want to learn more about the raccoons that could visit your campsite at night? How about the elusive bobcat? (Don’t worry, she won’t be visiting your site,...

Saturday, July 16

Eco-paddle around Poe Lake!

Tired of walking around Poe Lake to check it out? Come check it out by boat! No experience or equipment required! We will be starting the paddle with some...

Sunday, July 17

Sunday Morning Nature Walk

Looking to get moving this morning and breathe in those fresh forest smells? Join the park naturalist as we walk the Nature Trail (about 1 mile) and talk...

Friday, July 22

Critters of Poe Lake

Are you planning to swim in Poe Lake, but you’re curious what animals you’ll be sharing that water with? Come out and talk about the amphibians, reptiles,...

Saturday, July 23

Woodpecker Walk in the Valley

Join the park naturalist on an easy 1-mile walk on the Nature Trail as we talk about woodpeckers in our area, look for signs of them, and listen close for...

Sunday, July 24

Art in the Park: Turtle edition!

Feeling artsy? Or maybe you just want to know a little more about turtles? Join in as we learn how to draw a turtle and talk some common turtle knowledge!

Friday, July 29

Stop that Pest!

The Spotted Lanternfly is our latest invasive bug we’re trying to put a stop to! Come out and learn about these bugs and how YOU can help slow their spread...

Saturday, July 30

Turtle Talk!

We have at least 5 different species of turtles here in Poe Valley, can you identify them all? Join the park naturalist as we talk about our turtle...

Sunday, July 31

Legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps: Company 1333- Camp S-63 Poe Valley

We are proud to collaborate with Centre County Historical Society and William Marcum, a local historian and research authority on the Poe Valley CCC Camp, to...