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Poe Valley State Park

Cozy Poe Valley State Park is nestled in a rugged mountain valley in Centre County. Seemingly endless forests surround the 25-acre Poe Lake. The 620-acre state park is surrounded by the 198,000-acre Bald Eagle State Forest.

136 Poe Valley Park Circle, Coburn, PA 16832








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Poe Valley Trivia Night!

Think you know your favorite state park? Test your knowledge of Poe Valley history, flora, and fauna to see how well you really know it! Get your winning...

5/27 7:30pm
Frog/Toad Call Bingo

Wanna know who that is croaking next to your site at night? Come out and learn some frogs and toads you may have heard around Poe Lake or even at home. Maybe...

5/28 5pm
Poe Valley Campfire Stories!

Gather around the campfire and listen to some fun campfire stories and local folklore! We will be reading stories from distant places, as well as dive into...

5/28 7:30pm
Art in the Park: Rattlesnake Edition!

Feeling artsy? Or maybe you just want to know a little more about rattlesnakes? Join in as we learn how to draw a rattlesnake and talk some common...

5/29 1pm
Opossum Trivia!

What are baby opossums called? How fast can these little critters run? Come play some opossum trivia with the park naturalist to test your random knowledge...

6/3 7:30pm

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Birdwalk Bingo!


Fishing Camp


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Melissa Mannino

Melissa Mannino left a positive review 4/22/2021

I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. I have sent my Summers at our family cabin in Poe Valley since I was born. I enjoyed learning more about my favorite place on earth