DCNR Calendar of Events

Event Calendar for Parker Dam State Park

May 25 - June 24, 2022

Saturday, May 28

History Walk Around the Lake

Do you realize that it has been 150 years since William Parker’s splash dam was built here? Learn about the history of the park on this hike around the lake.

Log Drive!

Bring your sand buckets to haul water for our scale-model log drive down the beach. We will demonstrate how logs were moved to the sawmills back before log...

CCC Trail Hike

Walk a trail that was once used by the boys of the Civilian Conservation Corps and learn about what they did and where they lived. We go out and back for...

Race Against Time

As spring has sprung, learn about a vital spring wetland habitat type that is disappearing from many places. Some interesting species of wildlife depend...

Friday, June 3

A Squirrel’s Guide to Success

This family of rodents has adapted to living across the globe. Watch and learn about the ways some squirrel species survive in various habitats. Whether it...

Saturday, June 4

Hike Beaver Dam Trail

Enjoy a guided hike on this 2.2 mile trail that crosses over Mud Run, where there are many beaver meadows. Wear appropriate shoes and bring water.

Rodents Running Wild

From beavers to porcupines to many of their much smaller cousins, there are a lot of rodents running around Penn’s Woods. Come learn more about this diverse...

Big Dam Movie

This video will submerse you into the world of a beaver. They are nature’s engineers and many people are unaware of the beaver’s day-to-day life. Watch and...

Sunday, June 5

Tea and Talk

Bring your own cup to sample some sweet fern/mountain mint tea grown right here in the park. Talk for this year will be about the “wood wide web”, a term...