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Ole Bull State Park

Ole Bull State Park consists of 132 acres along the Kettle Creek Valley in Potter County. This area is called the Black Forest because of its once dense tree cover, mountainous terrain and wilderness habitat.

31 Valhalla Lane, Cross Fork, PA 17729-9701








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Upcoming Events

Tea Talk

Come on in to the park office for a cup of tea from nature. We’ll chat about anything from animals to the milkweed outside. This program is come and go as...

7/23 4pm
Spotted Lantern Fly

Have you heard about this invasive insect? Do you know what it looks like or why it’s harmful? Join the park educator at the campground amphitheater to learn...

7/23 7:30pm
Art in the Park: Owl Edition

How many owls do we have in PA? What do owls sound like? What do they eat? Are all owls nocturnal? Join the park educator in the beach area, as we learn...

7/24 2pm
State Symbol Trivia

Do you know our state tree? Do you know our state beverage? Did you know we have a state fossil or a state dog? Come on out to the campground amphitheater...

7/30 7:30pm
Majestic Monarchs

Come on out to the park to learn about raising Monarchs. Afterwards, we’ll take a little walk to see if we can gather any eggs or caterpillars that just...

7/31 4pm

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