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Ole Bull State Park

Ole Bull State Park consists of 132 acres along the Kettle Creek Valley in Potter County. This area is called the Black Forest because of its once dense tree cover, mountainous terrain and wilderness habitat.

31 Valhalla Lane, Cross Fork, PA 17729-9701








Sarah Lindgren



Upcoming Events

Matchless Fire Starting

Fire has always captivated humans. Whether it be for cooking or for warmth, people have relied on this heat source for millennia. Come out to the...

5/27 7:30pm
Creative Constellations

Join the park educator at the amphitheater to learn about the night sky, different phases of the moon, the constellations, & the stars associated with them....

5/28 2pm
Sunday Stroll

Join the park educator, for an easy and flat 1 mile hike along the Beaver Haven Nature Trail. Wear footwear and clothing suitable for hiking. Please bring...

5/29 9:30am
Art in the Park- Bluebird Edition

These bright birds are one of the most recognizable flyers around. Did you know that they also lay blue eggs as well! Join the park educator in the...

5/30 9:30am
Black Bear Trivia

Come on out to the campground amphitheater to celebrate National Black Bear Day! Did you know cubs stay with their mothers for about 2 years to learn how to...

6/4 2pm

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Owl Prowl


Bat Bingo


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