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Ole Bull State Park

Ole Bull State Park consists of 132 acres along the Kettle Creek Valley in Potter County. This area is called the Black Forest because of its once dense tree cover, mountainous terrain and wilderness habitat.

31 Valhalla Lane, Cross Fork, PA 17729-9701








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Upcoming Events

Friday Night Star Hopping

Join the park naturalist on a trip through the night sky. This program will focus on learning how to use a star map, finding visible constellations and...

8/30 8pm
Wildflowers of Ole Bull

Join the park naturalist for a walk on the Nature Trail to see what wildflowers are coming up. In the event of severe weather, there will be an alternative...

9/1 3:30pm
Dutch Oven Cooking

Guest speakers Jan and John Halter from Lyman Run State Park's Friends Group will give an introduction into Dutch Oven cooking. The topics will include...

9/1 7:30pm
Geocaching Games

Join park staff for a fun time of geocaching. There will be learning opportunities on marking and finding waypoints, on operating a handheld GPS, and more. ...

9/2 1pm
Katydid Cadence

Ever hear a katydid sing? Or maybe you heard a katydidn't. Come over to Ole Bull State Park and learn about these fascinating insects and also why they are...

9/14 3:30pm

Recent Events

Ole Bull's Colony


Stream Study


Flight of the Bats


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