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Little Pine State Park

The 2,158-acre Little Pine State Park is in a beautiful mountain section of Tiadaghton State Forest in PA Wilds. The 94-acre Little Pine Lake, hiking trails and the campground are prime attractions to the park. Programs are available from mid-March to mid-November. To request a program or for more information, please contact John Kaercher at 570-753-6005.

4205 Little Pine Creek Road, Waterville, PA 17776-9705








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Upcoming Events

Coffee Break: What's New

CANCELLED Friday evening at 8:00 we will have our weekly coffee break. This is an informal question and answer period and general chat session. Coffee,...

5/24 8pm
Theater in the Pines: Bugs of the Underworld

CANCELLED This video explores the life of aquatic insects. Many people enjoy the water resources at the park, but some are not aware of the hidden life in...

5/24 9pm
Fishing for Beginners

"Fishing for Beginners" is a program for people who have never been fishing before. We will cover equipment, knots, casting techniques, fish identification,...

5/26 3pm
Damsels and Dragons

Dragonflies and damselflies are similar in appearance, but they are two different kinds of insects. We will cover how to tell them apart, the special...

5/26 7:30pm
Theater in the Pines: Defending Favorite Places

This video produced by the US Forest Service discusses the problems caused by invasive species, and what you as an individual can do to help. Hunters and...

5/26 9pm

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Eagle Watch


Eagle Watch


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Little Pine State Park

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