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Little Buffalo State Park

Certain places just attract people. The cool, clear water of Little Buffalo Creek has been attracting people for centuries. American Indians frequented Little Buffalo Creek on hunting trips. Farmers and merchants used to gossip and pass news while the grain was ground at Shoaff’s Mill. Nearby, merchants, local people and travelers met at Blue Ball Tavern. Today, thousands of people meet at Little Buffalo State Park to picnic, swim, fish, hike and experience nature and history.

1579 State Park Road, Newport, PA 17074-9428








Jason Baker



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Spring Volunteer Day

Spring is almost here, which means it is time for our park clean-up day! This activity is being hosted by the Friends of Little Buffalo and all are welcome....

4/13 9am
Bluebird Walk

Join us at the park office for an easy walk highlighting our bluebird trail. Bluebird boxes not only benefit bluebirds but also a variety of other cavity...

4/20 9am

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Jenn left a positive review 8/18/2018


Sue Seager

Sue Seager left a positive review 9/2/2018

Very informative class; presenter as well as Ranger Mindy provided us with many very useful facts.

Sherri Shaffer

Sherri Shaffer left a positive review 1/3/2017

Beautiful day for a great time with family.!

Dave Corl

Dave Corl posted a photo 1/21/2016

Holman Lake, Little Buffalo State Park Holman Lake, Little Buffalo State Park

John A. Waldron

John A. Waldron left a positive review 9/20/2015

This was my first time ever in a Kayak (as it was also a first for my sister). We arrived at Little Buffalo State Park at the main boat launch at the end of boat launch road.

Ben, the park naturalist supervised us while we donned our life jackets and instructed us on proper paddling techniques. We were joined by other "adventurers" who were also experiencing their first time kayaking, along with some who already had more experience. We were also joined by some who were quite experienced but who came to share in our experience.

My instructor, Ben, was very helpful in teaching Sis and me to properly get into our Kayaks (provide by the Park), and we got lots of helpful tips from the more experienced Kayakers who went along. I felt safe and comfortable with every aspect of the launch.

Once I was in the water I was amazed at how easily a Kayak can be maneuvered! And soon I was gliding across the gorgeous Little Buffalo State Park lake! It felt like flying! Along the way I saw cranes, turtles, ducks, egrets, and other lake wildlife (including fish swimming below me) and I marveled at the tranquility and peacefulness of the lake itself. We gathered together at one point to listen to Ben talk about the history of the lake, and to answer any questions we had. It was so nice to be semi motionless on the lake water, enjoying the expansive view, all while learning some of its history from Ben.

I made new friends at the event and knew before the evening was done that I'd purchase my own Kayak for next year!

I really appreciate the State Park for sponsoring this free learning event, and I would highly recommend the experience to anyone who'd like to try their hand gliding in a Kayak.

And thanks to Ben for making the experience so thrilling and interesting! I'd be a regular at the park from now on.

P.S. Sis will also be getting her own Kayak as well!

John A. Waldron

John A. Waldron

John A. Waldron posted a photo 9/21/2015

First Kayaking Experience First Kayaking Experience

Little Buffalo State Park

Little Buffalo State Park posted a photo 9/3/2015

Steve Emerick

Steve Emerick left a positive review 6/20/2015

We did not find the meetup place in time, so we missed it.