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Kettle Creek State Park

Kettle Creek State Park consists of 1,793 acres along Kettle Creek in western Clinton County. The park is in a valley surrounded by mountainous terrain and wilderness. Many of the existing recreational facilities arose from a joint flood control project developed by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and the former Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources.

97 Kettle Creek Park Lane, Renovo, PA 17764-9708








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Tracks & Traces

It starts with an “S” and it ends with “T”. It comes out of you and comes out of me! I’m talking about “Scat” of course. While the thought of animal poop may...

10/22 3:30pm
Birdsong Bingo

Do you know the difference between a bird song vs a bird call? Come on out to the Nature Center to learn about these differences. Along the way, learn some...

10/22 7:30pm
Animal Pictionary

Come on over to the Nature Center for a playful game of Pictionary, animal edition. Bring lots of energy, creativity, & a positive attitude for a fun filled...

10/23 9:30am
Art in the Park: Owl Edition

How many owls do we have in PA? What do owls sound like? What do they eat? Are all owls nocturnal? Join the park educator in the nature center, as we learn...

10/28 7:30pm

Kids, come join the park educator as we become forensic detectives in the mysterious case of the owl pellet! Learn how and what owls eat and get hands on...

10/29 3pm

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Robert Visnosky

Robert Visnosky left a positive review 5/26/2018

We had a great time and Ian was very informative and my son enjoyed himself.