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Jennings Environmental Education Center

Jennings offers a full range of educational programs. A unique attraction at the center is its relict prairie, which includes the spectacular and well-known prairie flower, the blazing star. The relict prairie ecosystem is rare in Pennsylvania. Visitors should try to visit in late July or early August when the prairie is in full bloom.

2951 Prospect Rd., Slippery Rock, PA 16057-5023










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3MJC Meeting: Backyard Birding

What was that bird in my backyard? A chickadee, a bluejay, a wren? Join Dave Kwasnick, the new owner of the Birdwatcher's Store in Slippery Rock, as he...

8/21 7pm
Nature’s Wetland Engineers: Beavers!

A cousin of mice, rats and squirrels, the beaver is amazingly well-adapted to life in the water, and remarkably capable of modifying its environment to...

8/25 2pm
Silver Sciences: Mining Legacy and Passive Treatment

Take a walk back in history with the third installment in this new series. Answer the question "How was coal formed?" Learn about the history of the...

8/27 9am
Nature Detectives: Project Tree Trouble!

Families are invited to join Jennings staff to become “nature detectives." Are the trees at Jennings in trouble? Collect clues in hopes of figuring out what...

9/15 2pm
National Public Lands Day

Jennings is looking for interested individuals willing to spend a fall day pitching in at the park to celebrate National Public Lands Day. Participants must...

9/28 9am

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Bruce Kollister

Bruce Kollister left a positive review 2/24/2018

The little hike and re-enactment was very good. I appreciated getting to converse with the participants, and they seemed to have a reasonable amount of knowledge relative to the event. My one criticism is that the student readers, if they are going to read a script, at least read it more slowly, and project louder, and relate better to the crowd. I know...I'm sure that individual is hard to find. Overall, I found it very worthwhile. Thank you.

Joan Hohman

Joan Hohman left a positive review 1/22/2018

Scouting Venturing Crew 488 attended . One of the lady rangers showed us the more modern snow shoes. We had brought our own snow shoes - old wood ones. It gave the Venturers the experience the differences in snow shoes. We snow shoed on the lake . It was a great time.

Beth McKinstry

Beth McKinstry left a positive review 2/25/2017

We brought Boy Scouts from Pittsburgh and they walked the 7 mi. morning hike. It was most enjoyable. There was room for the afternoon History hike, so they did that one, too! Only one piece of cherry pie each, though. Spent about 20 minutes with Mike Homza, the Frenchman, who took time with them to explain how efficient the French were when traveling. Something the scouts should learn to do when camping! Thank you very much. We hope to join you again next year if not before on the North Country Trail. Special thanks to Joyce Appel for her suggestions and to Ms. Lubold, ranger for helping with registrations.

Maria Moore Poremski

Maria Moore Poremski left a positive review 2/25/2017

The long hike was great..And Eric the guide was awesome .


Dan left a positive review 2/25/2017

First time out with the group.. Enjoyed it

Eliza Jayne

Eliza Jayne left a positive review 2/11/2017

I attended this event with my 14 year old son. We had an amazing experience! We learned so much in the classroom, that we were able to identify and tap our own tree using the provided equipment. Within a few minutes, sap was dripping into the bucket. Our level of learning from this class gave us the confidence to purchase some equipment to use on our own trees at home. I highly recommend this class.

Heidi Smith

Heidi Smith left a positive review 11/4/2015

Most of the time my kids had a great time. They really enjoyed all the hands on learning sections. They loved pretending they were a water drop and going to different things that a water molecule might experience. They like going outside and using the various weather instruments like the barometer and the "humidity detector" as they called it. They really liked the habitat and climate game and wished they could've played it longer. Some of the talking part they thought was ok, but they are kids! I thought Stephanie and her partner did a great job with the kids!

Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson left a positive review 9/26/2015

Couldn't asked for a more perfect day...Mother Nature cooperated with us. Jennings's staff and volunteers are awesome- we were split into 4 groups with various work projects. I love the flexibility and cooperative spirit of all participants. Finished up with a group photo, a delicious lunch and given a beautifully-designed t-shirt. Jennings, You Rock!

Regina Miller

Regina Miller left a positive review 4/15/2015

Fabulous! The speaker was very interesting and knowledgeable. His display of artifacts was wonderful.


GARY SZAFRANSKI left a positive review 3/22/2015

We had a great time. Very informative and interesting.