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Hyner Run State Park

The stream Hyner Run carves a small valley from the surrounding steep mountains, creating a cozy, quiet place for an outdoor adventure. The park is entirely surrounded by Sproul State Forest, Pennsylvania’s largest state forest.

86 Hyner Park Road, North Bend, PA 17760-9525







Upcoming Events

Snakes of Pennsylvania

Join the park naturalist to learn about the different snakes in Pennsylvania. Topics will include the myths that have come up, diets, habitat, and...

6/1 3:30pm
Go With the Flow

Join the park naturalist at Hyner Run State Park to become scientists in determining a stream's physical attributes. The stream that will be looked at is...

6/8 3:30pm
World of Bats

This program will be focusing on some of the bats' adaptations, some myths about bats, and a fungus that is threatening their population. There will also be...

6/8 8:15pm
CCC Camp S-75

Join the park naturalist and learn about the work the Civilian Conservation Corps did in the 1930's and 1940's in the area, the culture in these camps, and...

6/14 3:30pm
Evening Birding

Join the naturalist for some evening birding at Hyner Run State Park. Topics will include the different birds that live at Hyner Run and also how to...

6/14 8pm

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Hyner Run State Park

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