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Greenwood Furnace State Park

Nestled in the mountains of northeastern Huntingdon County, historic Greenwood Furnace State Park offers a unique recreational experience. The park is on the western edge of an area of Central Pennsylvania known as the Seven Mountains. It is an area of rugged beauty, abundant wildlife, breathtaking vistas and peaceful solitude.

15795 Greenwood Road, Huntingdon, PA 16652-5831








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Melanie Miller Kennedy

Melanie Miller Kennedy left a review 1/1/2017

It was odd that the leader and the main group took off and left us slower ones behind. When we got to the trail divides, we had no idea which way to go. We had to try to look for tracks, use a compass to determine our direction, etc. We needed to be given a map or directions or at least an explanation of which trails we would be taking, since we were on 4 or 5 segments. It was strenuous and rocky, which we were told ahead of time, and if someone had gotten hurt, there was no way to have gotten help from the leadership, because they left us in the dust.


Eva left a positive review 12/4/2016

What a wonderful holiday event for young and old! My daughter, grandsons and I enjoyed all the activities, especially the awesome puzzles in the blacksmith shop and the carriage ride. Such beautiful horses. Took home nice hand made ornaments, ate too many delicious cookies, drank too much cider, shopped in the gift shop, and went home with sugar plums dancing in our heads. Thank you for organizing such a nice event!

Trudy Lytle

Trudy Lytle left a positive review 1/16/2016

This was my first time to attend an event at Greenwood Furnace....and it was a blast. We participated in the 5 mile race, as hikers, and found the trail to be very challenging and fun! Can't wait for the next event!

Diane Burns Crooke Szwajkowski

Diane Burns Crooke Szwajkowski left a positive review 11/7/2015

A great event. Thank you PPFF

Tiffiny Bubb

Tiffiny Bubb left a positive review 5/30/2015

Informative but was anticipating bigger snakes. Glad to see the variety of snakes that were caught.

Tiffiny Bubb

Tiffiny Bubb left a review 6/6/2015

Would have liked to hear more of the history of the park. We heard a lot of not sure and this was part of this. Taking into consideration that the nice gentleman had many parks and not a lot of knowledge it was still somewhat informative.

Tiffiny Bubb

Tiffiny Bubb left a review 6/20/2015

Didn't make it out but wish I would have.

Tiffiny Bubb

Tiffiny Bubb left a review 6/20/2015

Didn't make it out. But wish I would have.