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Gifford Pinchot State Park

Gifford Pinchot State Park, a 2,338-acre full service park, is in northern York County along PA 177 between the towns of Rossville and Lewisberry. The park consists of reverting farm fields and wooded hillsides with the 340-acre Pinchot Lake serving as a prime attraction.

2200 Rosstown Rd., Lewisberry, PA 17339-9787









Upcoming Events

Wildflower Sale

The Friends of Pinchot State Park will be holding a native plant sale on Saturday, May 18, 2024, at the Sunnyside Pavilion (pavilion #2) in the Conewago Day...

5/18 9am
Vernal Pool Discovery Walk

Learn about the ecology of a vernal pool before walking a short distance to one found here at Pinchot Park. Once we get there, we will explore and discover...

5/18 1pm
Vernal Pool Evening Walk

Learn about the ecology of a vernal pool before walking a short distance to one found here at Pinchot Park. Once we get there, we will explore and discover...

5/24 7pm
Forest Habitat Hunt

Join us for a family-friendly scavenger hunt, exploring the forest for signs of the critters that call our park home.

5/25 2pm
Pinchot Animal Mix-Up

During this family-friendly program, participants will try to identify animals by using skulls, furs, feathers, and photos. If attending the program and...

5/25 7pm

Recent Events

Wildflower Walk


Wildflower Walk


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Jeanne Pagze

Jeanne Pagze left a review 7/16/2020

The beginning part was great. Even though my kids 7 and 8 were not at all interested. When we actually started the owl prowl I decided to take the kids and leave so they didn't scare the owls away. I told the park ranger where I parked and she told me I make bad decisions. Said I was parked in. I asked her why and what do you mean im parked in. She directed me to stand at the bathhouse and wait for a car to pick me and the kids up apparently the parking lot clioses at dusk...but when you google pinchot it says its open 24 hours. When I called to ask where it was located there was no mention of where to park. Anyway when she dropped me off at the car I was informed there was a $25 ticket. Ok I didn't look for a sign, didnt see the closes at dusk sign. I was attending an event from 8 till 10 pm. Why would I look, Google said it was open 24 hours. Anyway ok ill pay the ticket but the park ranger was extremely disrespectful!

Sommer Sa

Sommer Sa left a positive review 8/31/2019

The kids had a wonderful time!

Pat Lewis Davenport

Pat Lewis Davenport left a positive review 7/26/2018

Despite the week's rain and flooding, the library program went on! We brought 2 7-year-old boys and they really enjoyed themselves. Informative and fun - and being read to is always appreciated!

David M. Calaman

David M. Calaman posted a photo 1/7/2018

Map of the hike Map of the hike

David M. Calaman

David M. Calaman left a positive review 1/7/2018

Nice that we took a different trail this year. This is a great event and always nice people. Beth, the park naturalist always makes it interesting.

Gayle D Frassenei

Gayle D Frassenei left a positive review 1/1/2018

Thank you to our DCNR hosts for making it fun to be out in the cold!

Rob Condran

Rob Condran 1/23/2017

I agree on the tournament info. I've been trying to find dates all summer and came up empty. Love that lake..