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Self Guided-Full Moon Fever

Get out under the full moon and get silly with the family while you learn about the phases of the moon.

Why does each month's moon have a nickname? Why does the moon look really big sometimes? Where does the myth of werewolves come from?

The 2021 Full Moon Fever series of self guided hikes will answer all of these questions and more.

On the dates/events listed on this events page, come to the park to enjoy the full moon as well as self guided and self led activities and inquiries. Wiggle like a worm in the moon, flap like a moth, make up stories, and more. You can even create an invitation inviting beings from other worlds to a Party on our Planet! Signs and instructions for these self guided activities will be available at the park during the dates and times listed only.

The Full Moon Fever series will remain self guided this year out of an overabundance of caution to maintain social distance. But since we still want to engage with each other, the Facebook event page, https://fb.me/e/21oWY0Usu will serve as a tool for participants to engage and connect with the park naturalist as well as other participants. Feel free to post your questions there while also sharing your photos, videos, and stories with the hashtag  #FullMoonFeveratKSP

Content shared on the Facebook page is publicly available.

Signs with inquiries and activity instructions will be available during the dates and times listed for all to participate. During other times, information about the moon and it's phases will be posted to the Facebook event page only. Supplemental materials packets with more in depth instructions, details, and engaging information are also available to print by emailing Jean at jkeene@pa.gov.

Please keep the following in mind when participating in the Full Moon Fever series of events:
1. For the 2021 season, the Full Moon Fever series of events will be self guided programs only. For each session, there will be stations available starting at the entrance to the visitor center parking lot and leading to the dam for participants to independently take part in activities and inquiries as they relate to the moon. These stations will be available for a 2 hour period only as scheduled and has been scheduled to coincide with the forecasted moonrise time. It should take approximately 45 minutes to complete the stations and participants are welcome to start and end at any point during the scheduled program time.
2. While these stations are available to the public and for anyone to participate, there are additional materials, instructions, and resources that are available to be printed and utilized during your explorations to supplement this program. You can access these materials by emailing the park naturalist at jkeene@pa.gov.
3. With a couple of exceptions, the park is open to visitors during the hours between dawn and dusk only. One of the exceptions is for those that are taking part in a scheduled educational program at the park. For the safety of all, the stations will be collected at the specified end time. Please also note that a Full Moon Fever self guided program is not being held on each month due to some scheduling conflicts. Please check the schedule on this event page and the Keystone State Park Facebook page for up to date schedules and times.
4. Although the moon provides a significant amount of light when it is full, it is still advisable to bring a flashlight when participating in these programs to help you watch your step and avoid injury, particularly if the weather forecast calls for cloudy skies that could impact the amount of available light.
5. These programs will still run in the event of a cloudy forecast as participants can still take part in many of the independent activities regardless of whether the moon is visible. If, however, the forecast calls for inclement weather including, though not limited to, extreme low temperatures, heavy snow, heavy rain, and/or thunderstorms, the programs will be canceled for safety reasons. In the event of a cancellation, an announcement will be made on this event page and on the park’s main Facebook page either the evening before or the morning of.

Wednesday, June 23 at 8:00pm to 10:00pm

More dates through September 21, 2021

Keystone State Park, Starting Location: Visitor Center Parking Lot Entrance
1150 Keystone Park Road, Derry, PA 15627-3679


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Starting Location: Visitor Center Parking Lot Entrance

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