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Manabigama Wood Kiln Firing - Weekend Event

Tyler Park Center for the Arts View map Full Share (4 cubic feet) - $180. Half Ahare ( 2 cubic feet) - $90.
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Are you Interested in learning about Wood Fired Ceramics? The Tyler Park Arts Manabigama (Japanese for “beautiful learning kiln”) is a single chamber wood kiln designed to be efficient, and give beautiful results. The kiln reaches Cone 10 over a firing of 24 hours. A diverse range of atmospheric and ash glaze effects are achieved in this relatively short firing time.

Participants may glaze and and work the Friday before the firing. Loading the Kiln will begin Saturday, 9AM. The door should be closed up by 3 and we will start firing at that time. We will start with a small camp fire, and build a coal bed. Firing will last for around 24 hours and we will divide the work stoking into 5 hr shifts.

The Unloading with be the following Thursday when the kiln is cool. We will clean and wash the kiln shelves and sweep out the kiln firebox for the next firing.

Please visit our website for detailed information and to pre-register for this event.  http://tylerparkarts.org/woodkiln-firing/#more-2989



Sunday, April 1, 2018 to 6pm