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Holiday Hunt-ables Challenge

Hidden “treasures” are in the park!  Can you find them all? 

Letterboxing is a hobby dating back to the mid-1800’s – a quest for caches hidden outside.  Grab some paper, a rubberstamp, if you have one (or you can carve one out of a potato!) and head to the park for some Holiday fun!

Hidden in the park are 6 containers- each with a stamp, a logbook, and some fun nature facts or activities.  Each one is a fairly easy walk - less than ½ mile walk and not too steep– perfect for families to spread out over a couple days or take the challenge to find them all at once!  You may even discover a new favorite spot in the park!

Below are the clues to each box.  If you find one, or all, send us a picture on the Codorus State Park Facebook page – we would love to see your finds!  If you need a map, they are available at the park office or at https://www.dcnr.pa.gov/StateParks/FindAPark/CodorusStatePark/Pages/Maps.aspx

Trails may be muddy or icy this time of year – wear sturdy boots!  Please use hand sanitizer before and after touching the boxes and practice social distancing if others are around.  Have fun and Be Safe!

Here are your clues:

Winter Wings – Locate the wildlife viewing area (bird blind) at the Main Launch area of the park.  Continue down the hill towards the lake, keeping the building to your left.  Before you take the large step down onto the lakebed, there is a clearing to your right.  Here you will see 2 trees growing out of the same root.  Behind them is a trio of trees standing together.  This is where you will find what you seek.

Do You Want to Build A Snowman?  Turn onto Marina Road from Rt. 216.  Park in the first parking area on the left (disc golf parking).  You will see a red basket on the edge of the parking area.  Stand with your back to the basket and look across the parking lot.  Do you see a large tree directly ahead?  This tree holds what you are searching for. 

Think Warm Thoughts – Begin your walk along the LaHo Trail from the parking area.  As the trail leaves the lakeside, it crosses an old road.  This road was once Landis Road and now travels under lake!  Follow the trail across the road.  As you begin up the hill, you will see a tree on your left with a yellow blaze.  Here you will find your treasure.

Christmas Star – Start out on the Mary Ann Furnace Trail from the parking area along Black Rock Road.  The trail will meander along the stream, then become a board walk through a wetland.  At the end of the board walk is a platform with a wide view of the sky.  Beyond the platform are 3 panels explaining what you may see in the area.  With your back to the panels, you will see a downed tree – here you will find what you seek.

Let it Snow! – Park in the Mountain Bike Trail parking lot.  Walk through the gates and follow the access road through the forest.  You will come to where an old gate once stood – there is a post on either side of the trail.  Just beyond this you will come to a large clearing.  On your left you will see the top of the sledding hill!  Here you will find a large fire ring.  To the right of the fire rings is an old wood pile.  Hidden beneath the logs is your treasure.

Present Under the Tree -   Park in the Sinsheim Cove parking area, located along Sinsheim Road.  Facing the lake, you will find a horse trail to your right.  Follow this trail to a marker – turn left onto the L4 trail.  Travel up a short hill and you will enter the forest.  Immediately upon entering a large pine tree will be on your right.  Duck under the large branch and you will find your present!

Friday, January 8, 2021

Codorus State Park
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