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2021 Fall Migration Round-Up

1579 State Park Road, Newport, PA 17074-9428

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Pennsylvania State Parks offer fantastic places to to birding, but we want to see which park is the best!

From September 25 to October 3, we want birders to join us in this friendly competition to see which participating park can tally the most species during fall migration.

Competing parks include:

  • Bald Eagle State Park
  • Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area
  • Black Moshannon State Park
  • Canoe Creek State Park
  • Codorus State Park
  • Lackawanna State Park
  • Little Buffalo State Park
  • Little Pine State Park
  • Nescopeck State Park
  • Poe Valley State Park
  • Prince Gallitzin State Park
  • Ricketts Glen State Park
  • Yellow Creek State Park

So birders, grab your bins and:

  • Go birding at any (or all) participating State Parks.
  • Submit your findings through eBird or checklists available from each park.

• All participants must abide to a honor system.
• All PA DCNR Regulations must be adhered to.
• Participants can bird individually or in groups, using any method of transportation. All birds must be seen or heard while a person is within park boundaries or while traveling on roads immediately bordering park property. Birds observed outside the park are countable if participants are within these parameters.
• Audio playback is prohibited except for nocturnal species or rails. Playback must be used ethically and shall not cause undue stress on any bird. Audio may be used to confirm a call/song, if at a volume that would not disturb the bird.
• Pishing is allowed if used ethically and shall not cause undue stress on any bird.
Checklist Submissions
• Participants are encouraged to submit reports through eBird, but may submit this completed list to any participating park. All submissions must be in by 12:00 pm on October 4, 2021.
• Participants may submit as many checklists as desired during the event and are not limited to any one park.
• Using eBird data, this list shows species that are expected in the state for the end of September. Some will be flagged as rare through eBird
depending on your location and/or the date.
• Any species that is flagged through eBird as rare for site/date, must be vouched by either:
1) Discernable photograph/video/audio.
2) Descriptive notes that rule out similar species.
• Any bird that is unable to be reasonably confirmed by park staff will be submitted to that region’s eBird coordinator for further review.
• Only full species will be counted in the event tally - no hybrids.
• Stocked and domestic birds are not countable.


For more information about the event, contact Michelle at 814-645-0145 or Tony at 570-945-7110

For information regarding a specific park, please contact that park directly.

Sunday, October 3, 2021 12am to 11:59pm