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Colonel Denning State Park

Colonel Denning State Park, in north central Cumberland County, is in Doubling Gap, so named by the “S” turn where Blue Mountain doubles back on itself. This feature may be seen from the Doubling Gap Vista in adjacent Tuscarora State Forest. The park has 273 acres of woodland and a 3.5-acre lake.

1599 Doubling Gap Rd., Newville, PA 17241-9756








Jeffrey Johns



Upcoming Events

Owls & Friends

Join us for an educational program about the owls of Pennsylvania and other resident birds. Get an opportunity to dissect an owl pellet to see what owls it...

6/18 7pm
Father's Day Paddle

Take a relaxing kayak paddle on Doubling Gap Lake. Get a chance to see some of the wildlife that live in and around the lake. Hour long kayak times will...

6/20 11am
Awesome Amphibians

Come on out and look for salamanders and frogs at our pond and stream! Learn about these important animals, like why they benefit the ecosystem and their...

6/25 6pm
Colonial Cooking Day

Learn what foods the Colonists ate and how they prepared it using cast iron cookware, like a Dutch oven. Note: Masks and social distancing are optional for...

6/26 11am
Wildlife Watchers Kayak Program

Take a kayak out on Doubling Gap Lake and enjoy the surroundings. Check out some of the residential critters, like bullfrogs, Northern watersnakes, Belted...

6/27 11am

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Tree ID and Craft


Name That Mammal!


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Jenn left a negative review 10/19/2018

My family and I were there, but no one was around! Said to go to the concession stand, but didn’t see anyone. We drove around and still didn’t see anyone. Kids were disappointed. I am not sure what I did wrong!