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Blue Knob State Park

Blue Knob State Park offers year-round wilderness adventures on 6,128 acres of woodland. The park is in the northwestern tip of Bedford County, west of I-99. Altoona, Johnstown and Bedford are within 25 miles of this scenic park. The elevation of the park can cause air temperatures to be several degrees cooler than the surrounding cities. The annual snowfall averages about 12 feet. One of the unique features of the park is the solitude it provides the visitor. There are many opportunities to enjoy the quiet and refreshing serenity of the mountains and streams.

124 Imler Road, Imler, PA 16655-9207









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Come learn about all the amazing birds of our area and their unique adaptations through viewing beautiful mounted birds and participating in an activity. ...

8/7 7pm

Pennsylvania has a large growing bear population. If you would like to learn more about the bears of our area, join us to see all the claws, teeth, and fur...

8/8 7pm
Cooperative Trout Nursery

The trout nursery is located past the park office on the modern cabin’s road. The cooperative nursery is made possible by Pavia Sportsmen’s Club, Blue Knob...

8/9 10am
Pa Natural Symbols

Join Park Naturalist, Jessie Kohan, to learn about our natural symbols of PA. Come see whitetail deer, brook trout, ruffed grouse, and lots more interesting...

8/14 7pm
Animal Traces

Come be a detective and discover all the amazing traces that our Pennsylvania animals leave behind. You will be surprised how many clues that you never knew...

8/15 7pm

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Juscinda R. Matlin

Juscinda R. Matlin left a positive review 8/9/2019

I had a blast of a time hiking with the Ranger. Very knowledgeable and kind. Enjoyed the group of people that also was a part of the hike.