Yellow Creek State Park

The 2,981-acre Yellow Creek State Park is in Indiana County along one of the first “highways” in the state, the Kittanning Path. This trail was used by the Delaware and Shawnee nations and by early settlers.

170 Route 259 Highway, Penn Run, PA 15765-5941







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DiscoverE: Wildlife Hike and  Conservation Service Project

We are going on a wildlife hike on the Ridge Top Trail to explore the different wildlife habitats and look for animal signs. Kids must wear long pants,...

7/28 9am
Flowers, Plants, and Trees: How to be a Pollinator's Best Friend

Do you love pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds? Join PSU Master Gardener Sue Weiland and Park Educator Lisa Meadows to learn how to attract...

7/29 1pm
DiscoverE: Crawdads, Streambugs, & Minnows + Fishing 101

We are going to explore two different wildlife habitats: a stream and the lake. We will go out on the stream to look for crayfish, streambugs, and minnows...

8/4 9am
Creatures of the Night: Bats at Blue Spruce Park

What goes bump in the night? Certainly not bats! Learn how bats use their amazing adaptations to fly through the night and never bump into a single object....

8/5 7:30pm
Bioluminescent Fungi Walk: Mushrooms that glow in the Dark Pre-registeration required

Venture with us as we explore the trails in a hunt for the illusive bioluminescent fungi. On this journey, we will be hiking nearly 3/4 of a mile along dark...

8/11 9pm

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Yellow Creek State Park

Yellow Creek State Park posted a photo 3/7/2017

Susan Lee

Susan Lee left a positive review 6/11/2016

Excellent presentation. Interesting info on bears in general and especially about the local bears. Thanks for offering this!

Will Latinette

Will Latinette left a positive review 8/12/2015

I found the presentations and hands-on taxidermy bats very interesting and informative. In addition, the explanations of the crisis faced by PA bat populations via White Nose Fungus and the technologies being used to determine populations and understand bat biology were presented in a way to reach both adults and younger ones in attendance. Overall, a very enjoyable evening of environmental education.

Yellow Creek State Park

Yellow Creek State Park posted a photo 3/17/2015