Trough Creek State Park

The 554-acre Trough [troff] Creek State Park is a scenic gorge formed as Great Trough Creek cuts through Terrace Mountain and empties into Raystown Lake. Rugged hiking trails lead to wonders like Balanced Rock and Rainbow Falls. Rothrock State Forest and Raystown Lake Recreation Area border the park, making a large, contiguous area of public land for recreation.

16362 Little Valley Road, James Creek, PA 16657-9302







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Upcoming Events

Edible Nature

Take a stroll to investigate what is edible and what isn’t in nature. We’ll talk about when and how to use wild edibles. Pavilion #5 parking area

7/1 1pm
Science in the Park:  Teeth

Check out how mammals use their teeth for survival! Ever see your own teeth at work? We’ll take a close look at these adaptations. Campground amphitheater

7/1 3pm
Weird Animals

We have some strange animals in Pennsylvania. Find out what strange (and sometimes disgusting) habits are used by some of our backyard critters. Campground...

7/1 5pm
Movie Night "Nut Job"

Dusk (8:45 ish) Bring the family for a great night of movie watching at the campground amphitheater.

7/1 8:45pm
Voracious Vultures

Can you identify vultures? What kinds do we have? Come learn about the jobs that vultures do and how they are specially adapted to do it. Ice Mine

7/22 1pm

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Nature Walk


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Canoe Creek

Canoe Creek posted a photo 5/15/2015