Sizerville State Park

The 386-acre Sizerville State Park is nearly surrounded by Elk State Forest and is near the largest blocks of state forest in the state. Sizerville has many interesting recreational and natural opportunities and is a good base to explore the nearby public lands.

199 E Cowley Run Road, Emporium, PA 15834-9608







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Upcoming Events

Nature Jeopardy!

How much do you know about nature? Come to the Environmental Learning Building to put your knowledge to the test with Nature Jeopardy! All ages are welcome...

8/25 3pm
Films in the Forest: Raccoon Nation

Come out to the Campground Amphitheater to learn about the masked "bandits" of the night! This PBS Nature documentary discusses how in our efforts to outwit...

8/25 8pm
Liquid Gold covers about 71% of the Earth's surface, but how much do you really know about this essential resource? Come out to the Playground as we discuss...

8/26 3pm
Pennsylvania Bald Eagles: A Celebration of Restoration

Before restoration began, Pennsylvania had almost lost one of the most iconic birds found in North America, the Bald Eagle. Just 30 years ago, we only had...

8/26 8pm
Explore the Trails of Sizerville

Join the park naturalist for a morning hike around the trails of Sizerville. Enjoy the benefits of hiking, hear the sounds of the forests and get to know the...

8/27 9am

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Rad Reptiles!


The Night Lights


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