Sizerville State Park

The 386-acre Sizerville State Park is nearly surrounded by Elk State Forest and is near the largest blocks of state forest in the state. Sizerville has many interesting recreational and natural opportunities and is a good base to explore the nearby public lands.

199 E Cowley Run Road, Emporium, PA 15834-9608







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Upcoming Events

Stream Stomp!

Are you looking for a fun filled adventure to beat the heat? Come on out to Sizerville State Park to explore East Cowley Run and observe the critters that...

6/30 2pm
Salamander Safari!

Did you ever find a salamander or a newt? Wonder where they live or what they eat? Join the park naturalist to learn more about these amazing creatures and...

7/1 2pm
Eyewitness: Amphibians

Come out to the Campground Amphitheater to discover the world of amphibians! We will learn about the amphibians that call Pennsylvania home and then watch a...

7/1 8pm
Butterfly Walk

The butterfly graces our backyards, fields and forests, but how much do you know about them? Come learn about these fanciful fliers and get a chance to have...

7/2 2pm
Films in the Forest: Wings of Life

Join us at the Campground Amphitheater as we watch the movie "Wings of Life" by Disney Nature. This film is an hour long and it gives you an intimate view of...

7/2 8pm

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Tree Trek


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