Ryerson Station State Park

Ryerson Station State Park is in Greene County in the southwestern corner of Pennsylvania, near the West Virginia border. The 1,164-acre park features a swimming pool, campground, hiking, fishing, picnicking, and winter activities.

361 Bristoria Road, Wind Ridge, PA 15380-1258








Alan Johnson



Upcoming Events

Weekly Hike - Geocaching for Families

Bring the family to learn aobut htis popular activity and find some geocaches hidden in the park. this is a free event. Wear shoes for walking trails. ...

5/25 6:30pm
Musical Migrants Walk

The forest and valley floor of Ryerson Station State Park are alive with birdsong this time of year. Join the park naturalist as we listen and look for a...

5/27 9am
Family Nature Scavenger Hunt

Join us for a fun and educational scavenger hunt in Ryerson Station State Park. Meet at Pavilion 2 in the Day Use Area. The event will end with a prize for...

5/28 2pm
Morning Hike - Chemical Defenses

Plants make an enormous array of chemicals to defend against herbivory. Join the park naturalist on a hike to discuss some of these chemicals. This is a...

5/31 9am
Salamander Safari

Salamanders are active this time of year, but they are rarely seen. Discover what makes them unique. We will briefly discuss where they live, what they eat...

6/3 2pm

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