Event Calendar for Raccoon Creek State Park

May 2017

Saturday, May 27

Nature's Nasties

There are some plants and animals that are best avoided. Join us and learn how to stay safe in the outdoors from poison ivy, ticks, stinging nettles,...

The Bald Eagle Boom

Join the park naturalist and learn about our national symbol, the Bald Eagle. We will explore the life of a Bald Eagle, and the steps taken to restore and...

Sunday, May 28

PA Hiking Week Hike (5 miles)

Join us as we celebrate PA Hiking Week with a 5 mile hike at Raccoon Creek State Park. Those attending will also learn how to identify poison ivy and...

Lost: Survival Techniques

Join the park naturalist and learn about basic needs during a survival situation. Then be put to the test on practicing some of these techniques.

Monday, May 29

Frankfort Mineral Springs Tour

The historic Frankfort Mineral Springs complex was constructed in the early 1800s and thrived for nearly a hundred years as a popular resort. It was best...