Promised Land State Park

About 3,000 acres in size, Promised Land State Park is on the Pocono Plateau, 1,800 feet above sea level, and is surrounded by 12,464 acres of Pennsylvania’s Delaware State Forest, including natural areas.

100 Lower Lake Road, Greentown, PA 18426-9735







Brian Taylor


Upcoming Events

Earth Night!  Salamander Sally

Spotted salamanders are laying their eggs in vernal pools right about now. Come join us on a salamander hunt to find some of these six inch long salamanders...

4/22 5pm
Earth Night!  Night Hike

Let's get comfortable hiking in the dark. We'll play some night games, call out some owls, and search for local nocturnal wildlife. Please bring a...

4/22 8pm
Eagles - Masters of the Sky

Observe our resident Bald Eagles through our spotting scope! After a short lecture about eagles, we'll turn a youngster into one before your eyes. ...

4/29 10am
Vernal Pool Hike

Discover a large vernal pool on a moderately difficult 1.5 mile hike. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring water.

4/29 1pm
Coyotes - Band of Brothers

Find out how much coyotes are like us. After a short lecture and a game, we'll set out on an easy one mile hike to search for signs of coyotes and other...

5/6 10am

Recent Events

Owl Prowl


The Bear Out There


Sunset Hike


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Irene Nowicki

Irene Nowicki left a positive review 7/15/2016

Love the little bats that eat the bugs.

Julie Cordier

Julie Cordier left a positive review 6/29/2016

Wonderful program! They accommodated my child with special needs with no problems!!