Prince Gallitzin State Park

At Prince Gallitzin State Park, the forested hills of the Allegheny Plateau cradle sprawling Glendale Lake. Vistas offer scenic views of the 1,635-acre lake with its 26 miles of shoreline, which is a favorite of anglers and boaters. Campers flock to the large campground and also enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities. The varied habitats of the park make it a home for many types of wildlife, and a rest stop in the spring and fall migrations.

966 Marina Road, Patton, PA 16668-6317







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Upcoming Events

Friends of Prince Gallitzin Monthly Meeting

Monthly business meeting of the Friends of Prince Gallitzin. All are welcome! Meet in the park office conference room, which can be accessed at the rear of...

6/28 7pm
Family DiscoverE: Mud Bugs!

Celebrate International Mud Day as we examine the tiny critters that live in the underwater crud along the shores of Glendale Lake. Learn about the life...

6/29 10am
Mud Painting

Continue the International Mud Day fun by creating some artwork made with earth paints. Tap into your artistic side and see what it’s like to paint with...

6/29 1pm
Frog Craft for Kids

Bring your children to make a cute frog craft before this evening’s Fabulous Frogs program. The craft is designed for ages 4-12, but all ages are welcome....

6/30 7:30pm
Fabulous Frogs of PA

Learn about the handsome hoppers of Pennsylvania! Find out the difference between frogs and toads, and listen to some frog songs. Then take a short walk down...

6/30 8pm

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Michelle Cherry

Michelle Cherry left a positive review 2/23/2017

It was awesome! My children are still talking about it and pretending to be beavers.

Melanie Miller Kennedy

Melanie Miller Kennedy left a positive review 1/1/2016

Naturalist really explained so much. Great program for children.

Suzanne Behe Gibbons

Suzanne Behe Gibbons left a positive review 10/10/2016

Trunk of treats was fantastic. I just love going and having fun with everyone. Thank you all for your dedication and hard work.

Vanessa Weakland

Vanessa Weakland left a positive review 3/27/2016

It was the best Easter Egg Hunt ever!

Joyce Eckenrode

Joyce Eckenrode left a review 9/27/2015

Too many clouds. Nice informative paddle.

Joyce Eckenrode

Joyce Eckenrode left a positive review 9/7/2015

We enjoyed our Wildlife watch. Our guide was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. We saw where the bald eagle nest is and she helped us identify the wildlife at Prince Gallitzin Park that we have been seeing on our many kayaking adventures.


Herman left a review 8/14/2015

The presenter moved about the audience assisting where she was needed. Pointed out various objects in the sky and was very knowledgeable.


Herman left a review 8/14/2015

The presenter worked well with the young children that were in attendence.

Michelle Cherry

Michelle Cherry left a positive review 4/4/2015

The egg hunt itself was awesome. We were a bit disappointed though with a few things such as people smoking, children older than 3 in the younger area, and adults scooping up eggs right out from little children trying to pick them up. We walked with our children, but didn't pick any up. That's the point of separating ages, so the little ones can enjoy thethrll of the egg hunt without bigger children or adults taking them all. On the end of the park, though, we thought it was well planned. We liked the idea of earning prizes in eggs rather than waiting, plus that there was a wait between ages so parents can watch all of their children. Thank you for holding the event!