Pine Grove Furnace State Park

Steeped in natural and historical features, the 696-acre Pine Grove Furnace State Park is on beautiful South Mountain in southern Cumberland County. Surrounded by Michaux State Forest, Pine Grove Furnace features two lakes, 25-acre Laurel Lake and 1.7-acre Fuller Lake, a historic area and the Appalachian Trail.

The Pine Grove Furnace Office and Visitor Center is open 8AM to 6PM daily during the summer season and on weekdays from 8AM to 4PM the rest of the year. Loaner kits are available for use from the park office during open office hours.

Fishing Tackle Loaner Kits include a fishing rod and tackle box. Bait is not included.

Family Activity Backpacks include a backpack, workbook, and additional, topic-specific materials to enhance learning while exploring the park. Varied topics are available.


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Cathy Brenizer

Cathy Brenizer left a negative review 9/29/2017

It was disappointing compared to when I took my first son a year ago!
I thought it was weird to be outside and watching a tv show .
I miss the old classes about animals or trees and the craft relating to that theme!


Joe left a positive review 7/23/2017

I had an awesome time! The hike was killer, but the view was amazing!


Joe left a positive review 7/9/2017

I had a great time.


Joe left a positive review 6/24/2017

10/10 would recommend with s'mores.

Ann Dybalski

Ann Dybalski left a positive review 6/24/2017

It was a great time. Getting the chance to meet new people and go on a night hike to stargaze and learn new coming techniques was wonderful! I would do this again. Every month if it was offered.

Gina Meals

Gina Meals left a positive review 6/3/2017

Had a nice time.

Judy Horst Staley

Judy Horst Staley left a positive review 4/14/2017

My grandsons had a great time! We hope to return for another event.

Pine Grove Furnace State Park

Pine Grove Furnace State Park posted a photo 1/12/2017

Ann Dybalski

Ann Dybalski left a positive review 1/1/2017

It was a beautiful day spent hiking with great people. I'm thankful to the park and volunteers who made this possible!

Joyce Bartholow

Joyce Bartholow left a positive review 10/15/2016

Had a fun time.