Parker Dam State Park

The 968-acre Parker Dam State Park offers old-fashioned charm and character. A scenic lake, rustic cabins, quaint campground and unbounded forest make Parker Dam an ideal spot for a relaxing vacation. For wilderness explorers, Parker Dam is a gateway to the vast expanses of Moshannon State Forest. You can walk through recovering tornado ravaged woods, backpack into the 50,000-acre Quehanna Wilderness, mountain bike to your heart’s content or enjoy quiet solitude searching for elusive Pennsylvania elk.

28 Fairview Road, Penfield, PA 15849-9799







Upcoming Events

GPS Basics

Learn how to use a GPS to confidently get from place to place. Mark a location, navigate back to the location, project a location. Also, learn about Geocaching.

6/22 10am
The 1,000 Yard Model

Remember those solar system models you made in grade school? How accurate do you think they were? Come check out a "scale model" of our solar system.

6/23 7pm
Viewing the Night Sky

Come learn and get prepared for watching the night sky during the summer season and beyond. When the weather cooperates, there is always plenty to see.

6/24 1pm

How do we use the sun’s energy? Learn some of the ways that the sun and its energy can be helpful to us.

6/24 3pm
The 1,000 Yard Model–PowerPoint

Learn about the planets, size differences, and the relative spacing of our solar system. It’s not your Styrofoam Solar System Model.

6/24 8:30pm

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Tea and Talk


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Cheryl Sharpe

Cheryl Sharpe left a positive review 4/8/2017

This workshop was fabulous if you like the outdoors. The park was great, the instructors enthusiastic, the activities were fun and engaging. I now have tons of ideas for incorporating wildlife education into my classroom.

Sue Cunningham

Sue Cunningham left a review 1/1/2017

Nice day. Nice group. Would have preferred a bit longer hike.

Brett Freeman

Brett Freeman left a positive review 1/1/2017

The crisp sunny New Year morning and enthusiastic group made for an educational and invigorating first day walk. While I'd recommend an option for extended walk for those interested, it was a wonderful way to start 2017

Paul Schumann

Paul Schumann left a positive review 9/16/2016

what a great event. well planned by the staff. a big thank you to all that helped.

Debby Smith Skander

Debby Smith Skander left a positive review 9/4/2016

my grandkids and son in law had an awesome time , cant wait to go again

Cory Frasco

Cory Frasco left a positive review 5/22/2016

This was our 2nd year going and the kids LOVE it! It was rainy and chilly out but there was still a good turn out! Much thanks goes out to all the clubs who put in a lot of time and effort to plan it!