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Oil Creek State Park

The Oil Creek Valley is the site of the world’s first commercial oil well. Oil Creek State Park tells the story of the early petroleum industry by interpreting oil boomtowns, oil wells and early transportation. Scenic Oil Creek carves a valley of deep hollows, steep hillsides and wetlands.

305 State Park Road, Oil City, PA 16301-9733








David Hallman



Upcoming Events

Catching Creek Critters

Meet at the Park Office for an exhilarating experience for your family. Have the opportunity to catch native fish and macroinvertebrates, utilizing electro...

6/21 1pm
Beaver Are Back

Join us at Oil Creek State Park Office, for a presentation on the North American Beaver then and now! As the night proceeds investigate a pond created by...

6/23 7pm
Outdoor Photography Program

Meet at the Park Office to learn about outdoor/wildlife photography. Join Kirby Neubert from North Country Creations to learn more about the area and also...

6/24 1pm
Archery 101

Meet at the Egbert Area for the chance to learn safety skills, history and shoot a compound bow. You must be 10 years of age to attend. Register now! Limited...

6/30 10am
Pennsylvania Bird of Prey

Join us in observing and learning about LIVE BIRDS OF PREY from the Tamarack Wildlife Rehab and Education Center. This is a Friends of Oil Creek State Park...

7/1 1pm

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Amy Douthett

Amy Douthett left a positive review 9/7/2017

I loved that we could see actual bats in the bat houses. I learned a great deal about the Big and Litter Brown bats. I'm actual thinking of putting a bat house on my own property.

Amy Douthett

Amy Douthett left a positive review 8/7/2017

It was a great hike.

Amy Douthett

Amy Douthett left a positive review 8/12/2017

Love the event. It was the first time I ever saw the Perseid meteor shower and I plan to do it again next year.

Amy Douthett

Amy Douthett left a positive review 7/15/2017

It was a perfect day to hike in the woods, plus I got to learn things along the way

Amy Douthett

Amy Douthett left a positive review 7/16/2017

I like the class. And I love casting the prints of a small animal we found in the mud

Cyndi Bailey

Cyndi Bailey left a positive review 5/18/2017

As usual, Chris did a good talk. I would have liked it as an adult only for a little more time to really get into the plants, but he is always good at telling stories about things to the kids.