Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center

Year-round, the 1,168-acre Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center offers programs for pre-schoolers through college students. Center staff also provide community programs on many subjects like natural and cultural history and outdoor recreation.

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Upcoming Events

Pennsylvania Songbirds Workshop for Teachers

Pennsylvania Songbirds is a hands-on interdisciplinary K-12 teachers resource and activity guide about songbirds. It includes classroom activities on bird...

10/27 8am
Owl Banding at Jacobsburg

Join naturalist and experienced owl bander Darryl Speicher as he sets up mist nets in the park in an attempt to catch and band small species of owls. ...

11/4 7pm
Family Film Night: Owl Power

Owls are well known for their charismatic faces and eerie night time calls. How much do you really know about their amazing powers though? Bring your family...

11/17 6:30pm
Volunteer Day at Jacobsburg

We hope you can join us for our last and biggest volunteer day of the season! We will be working on our riparian buffer restoration project in Henrys Woods!...

11/18 10am

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Diana Gallucci Larkin

Diana Gallucci Larkin left a positive review 10/7/2017

The Cub Scouts really enjoyed visiting and learning about the Green Building.


Franchesca left a positive review 5/12/2017

Fun craft, interesting information session with a Senior Girl Scout and hike with Lauren made for a educational and great family event--interesting for adults and children alike.

Sharon O'Brien

Sharon O'Brien left a positive review 1/1/2017

This was a great hike! I have hiked in the park many times but learning about the history and environment gave me a whole new perspective.

Christine Roysdon

Christine Roysdon left a positive review 1/2/2017

Gorgeous day, bluebirds, amiable companions, great observations from Rick, a bit of snow and ice to provide a modicum of challenge. Ideal start to the year.

Anita Kraus

Anita Kraus left a positive review 11/5/2016

This was an excellent introductory course to building a fire with a flint and steel; building a debris shelter, and orienterering. Thank you, Andy!

Donna Longley

Donna Longley left a positive review 9/27/2016

the book was really good. Domonic led the way on the scavenger hunt. He really likes going to the "new spot". He even spotted changing leaves later on that day.

Donna Longley

Donna Longley left a positive review 9/20/2016

Great again. Domonic has been talking about moles all week.

Nichol Cafone

Nichol Cafone left a positive review 9/25/2016

Love this event and Look forward to the next one in 2017! Learn something new each year! Thank you so much!

Donna Longley

Donna Longley left a positive review 9/13/2016

Again my grandson was totally involved. You should hear him tell Mommy and Daddy about his adventure. He explains about everything and especially goes into detail about the scavenger hunts. He is able to explain why he was able to circle each thing on the paper. As a retired kindergarten teacher I especially liked the Busy Tree book.

Donna Longley

Donna Longley left a positive review 9/6/2016

I was unable to participate but have been on the walks in the past and enjoyed the exercise, the talks and the company.