Hills Creek State Park

Located in scenic Tioga County, the 407-acre Hills Creek State Park abounds in wildlife. Osprey, loon and waterfowl visit the lake that boasts a variety of warm-water fish species. Camping, cabins, swimming and picnicking make this an ideal spot for a family vacation.

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Upcoming Events

Water Trapping Seminar

This seminar will cover methods to take racoons, muskerat, and beavers. Limited to 20 participants. Ages 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult....

8/20 3pm
World of the Beaver

Learn the history, biology, and management of this unique mammal through photos, skulls, hides, and demos.

8/20 8:30pm
Bears of Pa

Find out how well bears are doing in Pennsylvania. From the largest average weights, earlier breeding age to larger average litter sizes our bears exceed...

8/25 8:30pm
Elk in PA

Pa is home to the eastern most elk herd in the U.S. Learn about the history, challenges, management, and futre of Pa's largest deer. Pictures, video, and...

9/1 8:30pm
Canoe Tour

Explore the history and management of our lake – all by canoe and a relaxed family setting. Boats, paddles, and PFD’s provided. PFD’s must be worn at all...

9/2 6pm

Recent Events

Bears of Pa


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