Canoe Creek State Park

The beautiful, 958-acre Canoe Creek State Park features a 155-acre lake, wetlands, old fields and mature forests, which provide critical habitat for migrating birds and for one of the largest bat colonies in the Commonwealth. The lake is popular for fishing year-round. Hikers enjoy the trails that wind through the many habitats. Picnicking, swimming at the beach, enjoying educational programs, and staying the night in a modern cabin are also popular activities.

205 Canoe Creek Road, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648







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Upcoming Events

Yoga on the Beach

Come join us for a gentle all abilities class at the swimming area. New to yoga? Great! If you can breathe, you can do yoga. Got kids? Bring them along too!...

8/26 9am
That's Disgusting!

Wild animals are challenged with some tough situations to survive. Learn how some have adapted some pretty disgusting habits in the name of survival! Wentz...

8/27 2:30pm
Busy Beaver Walk

Take a walk to the beaver dam to see the work of nature’s busy engineers. We’ll learn about the fascinating adaptations of beavers for survival and how their...

9/3 10am
Bird Feeding 101

The cold season is coming – are you ready to feed the birds? Learn about feeders, seed, suet and more as we get ready to feed the birds! Meet at Wentz...

9/3 2:30pm
Paddling Skills - Learn how to Kayak!

Come to this user-friendly class for ages 12+ that will teach basic paddling skills. For first timers only please! Call the park at 814-695-6807 to register...

9/4 9:30am

Recent Events

Yoga on the Beach


Public Sky Watch


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Anita Kraus

Anita Kraus left a negative review 1/14/2017

DISSAPPOINTING!! I just got home after driving for 7 hours total to attend this event and no one was there. I registered with a live person about a week ago. He took my credit card information and telephone number and said I would get a call if this event was cancelled. No one bothered to call me! There was not even a sign on the learning center letting people know that the event was cancelled. Unprofessional and inconsiderate.


Beth left a positive review 1/1/2015

I loved every minute of it. Wish they had guided hikes more often.

Melanie Miller Kennedy

Melanie Miller Kennedy left a positive review 1/2/2015

A very enjoyable program. Looking forward to next year.