Canoe Creek State Park

The beautiful, 958-acre Canoe Creek State Park features a 155-acre lake, wetlands, old fields and mature forests, which provide critical habitat for migrating birds and for one of the largest bat colonies in the Commonwealth. The lake is popular for fishing year-round. Hikers enjoy the trails that wind through the many habitats. Picnicking, swimming at the beach, enjoying educational programs, and staying the night in a modern cabin are also popular activities.

205 Canoe Creek Road, Hollidaysburg, PA 16648







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Upcoming Events

Winter Survival

How do Pennsylvania’s critters survive winter? We’ll take a walk to learn about various animals and how they get through months of freezing temperatures and...

1/20 10am
Winter Day Hike

We’ll set off on trails to enjoy some winter weather and scenery. Please dress for on and off trail exploration in the snow! Wentz Education Center

1/20 2:30pm
Whoooo's Here?

Pennsylvania’s wisest residents don’t leave for winter. How do they survive? We’ll take a look at these nocturnal carnivores and how they cope. Wentz...

1/27 10am
Winter Feeder Birds

Dress warmly to spend some time outside at the butterfly garden bird feeders. We’ll check out what birds are coming to the feeders and talk about how these...

1/27 2:30pm
Snowshoeing for Beginners

Celebrate winter by getting into the woods and learning how to snowshoe! We’ll provide the snowshoes and poles and get you started, then we’ll head out for a...

2/10 10am

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Anita Kraus

Anita Kraus left a negative review 1/14/2017

DISSAPPOINTING!! I just got home after driving for 7 hours total to attend this event and no one was there. I registered with a live person about a week ago. He took my credit card information and telephone number and said I would get a call if this event was cancelled. No one bothered to call me! There was not even a sign on the learning center letting people know that the event was cancelled. Unprofessional and inconsiderate.


Beth left a positive review 1/1/2015

I loved every minute of it. Wish they had guided hikes more often.

Melanie Miller Kennedy

Melanie Miller Kennedy left a positive review 1/2/2015

A very enjoyable program. Looking forward to next year.