DCNR Calendar of Events


Monday, March 13

Project Feeder Watch

The Center participates in the winter bird feeder counts sponsored through Cornell University Lab of Ornithology. Volunteers observe, identify birds, and...

Extreme Weather Movie on the Big Green Screen

Extreme Weather takes us to the frontlines where few have gone to view one of the most dynamic and complex forces shaping our planet. Witness the effects...

Get Moving Monday - Guided Hike

Hike the trails with a Nolde educator. Trekking poles will be available to borrow. Each hike will explore different trails.

Bartramian Audubon Meeting: "Close to Home"

Bartramian Audubon chapter president Jeffrey Hall moved to Venango County in 2011. Since then, he has enjoyed exploring the variety of habitats that his new...

Monday, March 13