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Caledonia State Park

The 1,125-acre Caledonia State Park is in Adams and Franklin counties, midway between Chambersburg and Gettysburg on US 30. Caledonia is in the northernmost section of the Blue Ridge Mountains known locally as South Mountain. Blue Mountain, the easternmost ridge of the Allegheny Mountains, is to the west and northwest of the park across a large low, rolling, fertile valley known as the Great Valley. South Mountain is mostly composed of a hard rock called quartzite. The valleys on either side are underlined with limestone and shale. The soil is ideal for fruit production, proven by the abundance of orchards in the surrounding area.

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Upcoming Events

Appalachian Trail - Big Flat

Meet at the park office and we will carpool to Big Flat. Wear sturdy shoes and bring a snack for this eleven mile hike back into Caledonia.

6/19 8:30am
Hosack Trail

We will hike north on the Appalachian Trail and return via Dark Hollow. Wear sturdy shoes and meet at the park Office for this six mile loop.

6/20 8:30am
Abigail Trail

Meet at the park office and we will carpool to the start of the Abigail Trail, and then hike back into Caledonia via Long Pine Reservoir. Wear sturdy shoes...

6/21 8:30am
Night Hike

Before touch screens, humans lived primitive lives. We still possess the senses that connected us to the natural world, we just don’t use them in our age of...

6/22 8:45pm
Blacksmith Shop Open House

This building has witnessed the Underground Railroad, the Army of Northern Virginia, and the power of time. Come learn about charcoal, slag, iron ore, and...

6/23 2pm

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Night Hike


Hosack Trail


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Tom Neveil

Tom Neveil posted a photo 8/7/2016

Tammy Wiley

Tammy Wiley left a positive review 7/2/2016

Even though we have lived in the Chambersburg area all of our lives we never really explored Caledonia very much. While exploring the DCNR site we found a hike we thought might be interesting so we made reservations and went. We thoroughly enjoyed the hike. The guide was very friendly, engaging and informative. I only wish I could remember his name to give him credit here for a job well done. We will definitely be exploring and experiencing more of what the DCNR has to offer at the various state parks in our area. Thanks for your efforts and we look forward to meeting more of your staff.